System Volume Information Deleter

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A Windows service that automatically erases the contents of the 'System Volume Information' folder every time a USB drive is connected to the PC

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System Volume Information Deleter is an application with a pretty suggestive name, providing a simple way to delete the 'System Volume Information' folder and thus free up a significant amount of occupied disk space.

The above-mentioned directory is a hidden system folder that hosts data related to the created restore points, which help the computer go back to a previsouly functional state when you use this function. Due to the importance of the contained data, the directory cannot be deleted the regular way.

System Volume Information Deleter works as a Windows service, so once the setup procedure is finished, you must start it in the 'Services' section or using the dedicated executable in the installation folder.

What this application actually does is automatically delete the contents of the 'System Volume Information' directory each time a USB device is connected to the computer. Be advised that its actions result in the removal of important system files, so make sure that you know what you are doing.

When too many entries are created in the 'System Volume Information' folder, your Windows drive will require a serious cleanup. Before using an application such as System Volume Information Deleter, you might consider avoiding such unpleasant situations by taking a few measures to preserve the computer's disk space.

For instance, you can limit the maximum amount of storage space allocated to system protection, which means that older restore points are deleted as new ones are created. Periodically running 'Disk Cleanup' is also recommended.

System Volume Information Deleter was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on February 18th, 2014
System Volume Information Deleter - A service that will delete the System Volume Information folder every time a USB drive is connected.

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