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Lightweight and clear-cut application which helps you enable or disable the Windows task manager, with just a click of the button

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Task Manager Enabler is a tiny, yet powerful software tool whose sole purpose is to help individuals enable or disable the Windows task manager with great ease.

Portability conveniences

This utility is portable, which means that you are not required to go through the installation process. In addition to that, it is not going to create new files or items to the Windows registry or hard drive, without your permission, and no leftovers will remain after its removal.

Another noteworthy aspect is that if you move the program files to a removable storage unit (e.g. pen drive), it is possible to run Task Manager Enabler on any machine you have been granted access to.

Clean environment

The UI you come face to face with presents a design which can only be described as minimal, seeing it is only comprised of a plain window which contains all the available options. It becomes clear that all types of users can find their way around it, without experiencing any kind of difficulty.

Options and resource requirements

This software app enables you to easily enable or disable the Windows task manager, by just clicking the appropriately-named buttons. These features will help you protect your computer, as well as gain more access to certain PCs so that you can close a program when it freezes.

CPU and memory usage is kept at a low level at all times and thus, it is not going to put a strain on your computer’s performance and you can run it alongside other tools without encountering any problems.

Bottom line

To conclude, Task Manager Enabler proves to be a useful piece of software, with a good response time and an accessible interface. However, it has not been updated in quite a while, and in our tests, it failed to disable the task manger several times.

Task Manager Enabler was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on March 23rd, 2014
Task Manager Enabler - From the main window you will be able to enable o disable the task manager window.

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