Toshiba Service Station

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An intuitive and user-friendly application designed by Toshiba, whose main purpose is to retrieve software updates and notifications

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Toshiba Service Station is a reliable application designed for users of Toshiba systems that automatically searches for updates specific to their device.

The software was designed by Toshiba itself, in an attempt to provide users with an easier and more comfortable means to get software updates for their Toshiba computer.

Toshiba Service Station targets notebook and laptop computer users, being able to automatically identify outdated software by gathering data and sending it to the Toshiba servers, where it searches and retrieves the updates. Needless to add, you need an Internet connection for it to function properly.

Relying on a streamlined installation process, Toshiba Service Station deploys in a jiffy, allowing you to explore its features at once. It comes wrapped up inside a simple, yet user-friendly design, with access to a few management modules.

The model of your device is automatically identified, together with the serial number and the OS you’re running, which are very important details for detecting which software is fit for your computer.

By default, Toshiba Service Station automatically activates itself and start scanning your computer for outdated software right away, but if you want to cease the process, it’s possible to disable it. If you do, be aware that it won’t be able to accomplish its purpose unless you re-enable it manually.

The updates that are detected as fit for your device will become available in a list, alongside options to download and install them on the spot. You can also choose to ignore an update if you consider it insignificant.

All in all, Toshiba Service Station is a great asset for Toshiba users, spearing them the manual effort of searching for updates online, which can be, at times, a very tedious task.

Toshiba Service Station was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on November 21st, 2013

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