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A handy application especially designed to work with Toshiba notebooks and help users manage and monitor the energy consumption

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The concept of green computing is gaining more popularity by the day and hardware manufacturers and users alike can contribute to a more efficient use of resources and reduce the carbon footprint of each device.

To sustain these goals, there are also many software solutions that are meant to help in the monitoring and management of various hardware components or entire systems. Many owners of Toshiba laptops might already be familiar with a tool that puts the Eco technology to good use.

Called Toshiba eco Utility, this program facilitates the control of system resources in a such a manner that the notebook will use less power. With a simple click of a button, the computer can enter the 'eco Mode' and save energy, increase battery life and lower the emissions that are bad for the environment.

The above-mentioned mode is based on a set of parameters that are included in a power plan that was designed just for this purpose. You can even improve it and create an arrangement of your own, that can have even lower values for display brightness, sleep mode activation or for the time intervals before dimming the screen or turning off the hard disk(s).

A neat function of Toshiba eco Utility is the graph hat shows in real-time the evolution of the power consumption. This way, you can view the decrease or increase in energy usage, which can help you adjust the plan's settings so as to obtain even more efficiency.

There is also another type of chart to be found inside this application, namely the so-called 'Accumulated graph'. It consists of 3 rows, each providing a different estimate on the power consumption and CO2 emission amount per day, week and month.

As a whole, Toshiba eco Utility is a neat treat for those who own a compatible notebook and wish to join the global efforts of decreasing the energy consumption through a greener computing.

Toshiba eco Utility was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on December 6th, 2013
Toshiba eco Utility - Toshiba eco Utility has a friendly interface that allows you to monitor the status of the power consumption on your laptop.Toshiba eco Utility - Toshiba eco Utility also comes with a dynamic graph that tracks the CO2 emissions and the power consumption as well.

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