TrIDScan 1.56

Creates new definitions to be used with TrID

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What's new in TrIDScan 1.56:

  • Unique strings are sorted by length.
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Marco Pontello
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TrIDScan - TrIDScan creates new definitions to be used with TrID. You can use it to help collect new unique definitions.TrIDScan
The TrIDScan application was developed to be a small command line tool that creates new definitions to be used with TrID. You can use it to help collect new unique definitions. 

Let's say you want to create a definition for Java Class files and you have a collection of them. Put your file collection into a directory (folder) of it's own. The more varied your collection in size and compression, the better the results. Run TrIDScan against the folder. That's all there is to it; the program does the rest. 

Scanning is generally fast, even for many files. It could be slow if there isn't at least one small file (under 300/400KB) and the the file contents is virtually random (ZIP files, MP3, JPEG, etc.). Just in case, it's possibile to disable the strings scanning (the slow part of the process) using the switch "/NS". Doing this, the scan will be blazing fast even for a thousand of files.

When finished, TrIDScan will create a file named "newtype.trid.xml" that contains the identifying details for the files you just scanned.

You have two steps left at this point: rename the file and edit its header. In the example given you might rename the file to "java-class.trid.xml" to indicate it applies to that kind of files. Then, open the file in a text editor and make necessary changes to the header information.

Last updated on December 17th, 2010

Runs on: Windows All

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