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Automatically detects all files that try to launch when the USB is inserted.

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USB FireWall is a very simple Windows tool that monitors your computer and detects all files that attempt to launch when you plug a new USB device into your computer.

Especially useful when struggling to block viruses that spread through USB drives, USB FireWall places an icon in the Windows System Tray and thus provides a quick method to spot any dangerous attempt on your system.

There's not much to configure about USB FireWall, as the application is a rather basic tool that does the whole thing on its own, without boasting a settings menu or any other option.

The main window is being used to display the files that attempt to launch, while also letting you to see the Autorun.inf and thus detect any malicious attempt that could affect the system.

Additionally, USB FireWall boasts what's being called “Clean all partitions”, a separate tool that scans the computer for Autorun.inf and not only that it stops the running process, if there's one obviously, but it also deletes the Autorun.inf and the file it points to.

Pretty useful when trying to deal with the aforementioned viruses, USB FireWall isn't quite a resource hog, and it remains very friendly with the CPU and RAM regardless of the hardware configuration.

Plus, it works just fine on all Windows versions, but administrator privileges are needed when being used on Windows 7, as the operating system may block its attempt to remove the Autorun.inf file.

Overall, USB FireWall is a handy freebie that still needs a couple of enhancements to become a little bit more powerful.

USB FireWall was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on March 12th, 2012
USB FireWall - USB FireWall will automatically run at Windows startup and scan all applications that are trying to autolauch.

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