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This small, yet reliable application provides a simple method for tuweaking a Windows Phone 7 device into sporting USB functionality

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USB Storage Enabler is a handy and reliable application that makes it possible for a Windows Phone 7 device to function as a USB stick, with the possibility of reverting the procedure without damaging the phone.

Windows Phone 7, an operating system issued by Microsoft for smart phones, was the object of both appreciation and criticism. The most often critique was the lack of hardware support, which reflected on users harshly.

Moreover, a Windows Phone 7 device can only be handled by Zune, a mobile sync application developed by Microsoft itself. However, Zune permits only a limited number of operations, far too few to please smart phone users and as such, the need for complementary applications that would bring additional tweaks for such devices continued on growing.

Amongst the application built to remove some of the restrictions imposed by Windows Phone 7 is USB Storage Enabler, a lightweight utility that turns a Windows Phone into a USB device with a single click.

In order for it to function, Zune needs to be installed on the host computer (however, it needs to be closed before you attempt to make the conversion).

Simply press the ‘Enable’ button in order to achieve USB functionality. Reverting the changes is just as simple – the original settings will be restored without damaging the device.

While in USB mode, your phone will act exactly as a removable stick: you will be able to copy files in between your phone and your computer seamlessly, without special permissions.

In conclusion, USB Storage Enabler is a simple application that can accomplish a difficult task. By tweaking Windows Phone 7 devices to work in USB mode, it brings such phones a little bit closer to user demands.

USB Storage Enabler was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on October 30th, 2013
USB Storage Enabler

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