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Compact software that lists all running processes and lets you kill the selected ones, delete the parent file, as well as view comprehensive information about each process

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Ultimate Process Killer is a small Windows application whose purpose is to help you kill running processes on the breeze.

The advantages of being portable

Since this is a portable program, it is important to mention that it doesn’t leave any traces in the Windows Registry.

You can copy it on any USB flash drive or other devices, and take it with you whenever you need to terminate running processes on the breeze, without having to go through installation steps.

Clean feature lineup

The primary panel lists all running processes and provides comprehensive information about each one, such as process name, ID, file path, parent process ID, thread count, priority, processor time, page file size, creation date, handle, creation class name, kernel mode time, OS name, private page count, Windows version, read and write operation count, virtual size, and many others.

Main features

Ultimate Process Killer gives you the possibility to kill the selected process, terminate only the selected processes, and refresh the current list with just one click.

What’s more, you can view the total number of detected processes, delete parent file, as well as make the app terminate a process when you perform a double-click mouse operation on the desired one. Tests revealed that the utility carries out a task quickly without eating up a lot of CPU and memory.

Bottom line

To sum things up, Ultimate Process Killer comes packed with a handy set of features for helping you manage running processes. The deletion option comes in handy especially if you have detected a malicious process running on your system, as it allows you to delete the parent virus file.

Ultimate Process Killer was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on May 3rd, 2014
Ultimate Process Killer - The main window of Ultimate Process Killer will enable you to start searching the processes that you want to stop.

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