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This simple and user-friendly application allows you to automate various mouse clicks, sparing you from having to perform repetitive tasks

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VMeisoft Auto Clicker is a lightweight and intuitive piece of software whose main function is to assist you in creating automatic clicking tasks, which our computer can run without your intervention.

Easy to handle interface

Following a brief installation process with no particular events, you can launch the application and begin working with it right away.

VMeisoft Auto Clicker features a simple, tabbed interface, allowing you to easily switch between 'Click Point' and 'Click Options', enabling you to set the running preferences for the tool.

When minimized, the utility will run in the notification area so as not to interfere with your regular activities, but still be able to perform its task with a problem and let you quickly access it to adjust its parameters.

Automating your clicks

From the 'Click Point' section of the program, you can choose the click location, which can be either wherever your mouse pointer may find itself or on a specific location, that you can select by dragging the assigned picture to mark the spot.

This can be a web page's refresh button, or any other location that suits your current needs. VMeisoft Auto Clicker records the location, and afterward you can input the preferred time interval between repeats. However, you cannot make it run for a user-defined amount of time or schedule it to run at a specific period.

The 'Click Options' tab enables you to decide on the required 'Mouse Button', either 'Left' or 'Right', as well as the 'Mouse Action', between 'Single Click' and 'Double Click'. Moreover, VMeisoft Auto Clicker allows you to set a preferred hotkey which you can use to start or stop the repetitive clicks.

After setting up all the parameters, you can press on the 'Start' button and VMeisoft Auto Clicker will begin performing the automatic operations, allowing you to decide when to stop.

Useful clicking instrument

To summarize, VMeisoft Auto Clicker is a handy and efficient utility that can successfully assist you in automating your mouse clicks, in the attempt to spare you from unnecessary repetitive actions, thus saving you valuable time.

VMeisoft Auto Clicker was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on February 21st, 2014
VMeisoft Auto Clicker - The main window of VMeisoft Auto Clicker allows you to set the location for the clicking actions and the intervalVMeisoft Auto Clicker - From the Click Options tab, you can choose which button and which mouse action to perform

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