VMware vCenter Converter Standalone

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Convert your physical machine or another one connected to the local network to a virtual machine with the help of this powerful application

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Using your computer for testing purposes has its risks. You can permanently damage your operating system and lose precious data. Luckily, applications like VMware Converter Standalone are designed to help you easily create virtual machines based on a source system machine, which is useful especially for software testers.

Several conversions options available

Either you want to create a new virtual machine or just reconfigure an already existing one, you are assisted by a wizard, which guides you through all the necessary steps of the process. Thus, using the software is easy even for a beginner.

When creating a new virtual machine, you have to choose the source system that you want to convert. This can be a local computer or a remote PC, an OVF or OVA virtual appliance or a third-party backup image. The program also supports another virtual machine as input, including Microsoft Virtual PCs. Depending on what you choose, the setup process is different.

After selecting the disks that VMware Converter Standalone duplicates when generating the virtual environment, you have to choose the destination type. The two available options are a standalone virtual machine or an infrastructure virtual machine, which is stored on a ESX server. Also, you can choose the name, type and location of your new virtual machine.

Lets you review and modify settings before getting started

Moreover, you can configure the disk allocation and the network access options. Thus, you can let the virtual machine have the same connection preferences and IP address as the host machine. In addition to this, VMware Converter Standalone allows you to customize the guest operating system and the virtual computer's detailed information.

When these steps are complete, you can view a summary of all the virtual machines' settings, thus enabling you to easily review and change undesired items.

The new task appears in the main window of VMware Converter Standalone. While the application configures the parameters for the target virtual machine, you can permanently view its status and progress. Furthermore, you can run multiple conversions simultaneously.

In conclusion

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that, VMware Converter Standalone can help you generate a virtual machine easily and quickly, with minimal effort from your part. It greatly comes in handy when your work implies applications testing, so that you don't mess up your computer's system.

VMware vCenter Converter Standalone was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on June 11th, 2015
VMware vCenter Converter Standalone - The application displays a list with all of the active tasks directly on its main window and allows users to easily view details on each of themVMware vCenter Converter Standalone - The Task progress tab allows users to have a look at the progress of a selected operation and at the estimated completion timeVMware vCenter Converter Standalone - The File menu allows users to start a new conversion operation and to launch a machine configuration processVMware vCenter Converter Standalone - screenshot #4VMware vCenter Converter Standalone - screenshot #5VMware vCenter Converter Standalone - screenshot #6VMware vCenter Converter Standalone - screenshot #7VMware vCenter Converter Standalone - screenshot #8VMware vCenter Converter Standalone - screenshot #9VMware vCenter Converter Standalone - screenshot #10

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