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A handy application that was especially created in order to help users edit game information and box art in the game explorer provided by the operating system

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Keeping all the installed games in one place and managing them from a centralized location are possible through one of the specialized utilities available on the market, or by using the built-in functionality of the operating system.

More precisely, the Games Explorer introduced in Windows Vista and improved in Windows 7 makes it possible for all users to keep their preferred titles together and, when used alongside a utility like Vista Game Explorer Editor, make any modifications they see fit.

Well organized layout for viewing and editing game information

Once the simple installation procedure is complete, the program is ready to be used and during the first run you will have to go through a configuration wizard, so that the installed games can be detected and added to the catalog.

The friendly interface offers a quick way to access all the functions of the application and customize the information associated with each title on the list.

Modify game data and add custom box art

Vista Game Explorer Editor is ready to show detailed info regarding each entry it hosts and will allow you to change the game's title, genre, application path, description, release country and date. What's more, with this tool you can alter the developer related data, choose the most appropriate box art image and the icon you wish to have associated with that particular game.

There is a preview functions built-in this software solution, so each box art picture you select can be shown in the right side of the main window. In case you want to revert the changes and use, for instance, the old icon, you can press the 'Restore' button.

A useful tool for personalizing the game information displayed in Game Explorer

All in all, this program seems to be a good addition to the utility belt of all users who want to take care of the installed games. Apart from some occasional glitches, Vista Game Explorer Editor should prove its worth on any supported system.

Vista Game Explorer Editor was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on May 24th, 2014
Vista Game Explorer Editor - Vista Game Explorer Editor enables you to organize all of your video games in Games folder.

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