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Get rid of Windows Genuine Advantage Notification quickly and easily with the help of this lightweight, but powerful software application

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Many users find Windows Genuine Advantage Notification annoying and after a while try to remove it from their systems. Since this is not possible, the only workaround is to disable the reminders, even if this will not affect the validation process.

Easy to use and deploy on your system

A utility capable of serving this purpose on older systems is WGA Remover, a lightweight application especially designed to help you stop the notifications and cut the connections the system establishes with Microsoft servers to convey data about your computer.

Very easy to install, this software is even more easy to use. The simple interface hosts only one button, the one that, when pressed, allows the program to work its magic and disable Windows Genuine Advantage messages.

Optionally, you can have WGA Remover perform the actual removal when the operating system initializes. To do so, just check the box next to which it is written 'Remove WGA on Windows start-up'.

Removes notifications right from the start

In case you already used a similar tool or otherwise altered Windows Genuine Advantage Notification, this application will notice this even from its first run. The status of the reminder system is displayed in the main window of WGA Remover right off the bat. Once the changes come into effect, you should receive no more messages in the system tray or on your desktop that prompt you to buy a license.

It is important to keep in mind that with this software installed your copy of Windows will not become genuine, because that can only happen after purchasing a license and activating it. What WGA Remover does is simply free your system of notifications you may consider unnecessary.

To sum it up

In conclusion, to be on the safe and legal side of things, you still have to purchase and register your copy of Windows and enjoy the benefits of a genuine and legitimate operating system. Meanwhile, you can take WGA Remover for a spin in case the notifications of Windows Genuine Advantage system become too bothersome.

WGA Remover was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on November 17th, 2014
WGA Remover - The main window of the application allows users to remove the Windows Genuine Advantage notifications from their PC

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