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Straightforward application which enables you to easily program the computer to execute particular actions when the system goes idle

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Watch 4 Idle is a software utility that was specifically designed in order to let individuals monitor their computer and lock, restart or shut it down when it is idle.

The interface is simple and intuitive thus, allowing any type of person to work with it, regardless of their previous experience and without encountering issues. Moreover, it can be unobtrusive, seeing that it can be sent to the system tray.

The main window is split into two sections, one dedicated to actions when the system is idle and the other for system resume. The idle time can be input by the user and is expressed in seconds.

When the system resumes from idle, you can turn on the screen, execute a program or batch, as well as show a custom message. When the PC is not used for a number of seconds, you can lock, restart, log off or shut down the system, turn off the screen or run an app. In both cases, this software utility supports EXE, BAT and VBS file formats.

Users can also auto start Watch 4 Idle on computer startup, so as to have quick access to it. The utility does not present Help contents, yet seeing how easy it is to use, they are not actually needed.

To sum up, Watch 4 Idle is a useful piece of software which helps you execute programs or actions when the system goes idle or resumes. CPU and memory usage is minimal and the time response is good. However, the interface could be improved.

Watch 4 Idle was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on February 13th, 2014
Watch 4 Idle - The main window of Watch 4 Idle enables users to monitor their computer and trigger an action when it goes idle

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