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Easy to use infrared device controller application that helps you to decodes infrared signals and control your equipment remotely

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WinLIRC proves to be a reliable and efficient solution when it comes to transmitting and receiving standard infrared remote control signals, thus controlling your computer or other stereo equipments that use these signals.

Since it does not require you to install it, all you have to do is to copy and run it from any folder of your choosing. In case you want to uninstall it, simply remove its containing folder.

When you launch WinLIRC for the first time, you might encounter some problems and because no valid plugins are properly configured, it will fail to initialize. The next window that appears enables you to choose the plugin that will be used in remote actions. Also, you are able to disable external connections, enable or disable the system tray icon and launch the program at Windows startup.

In case the receiver is not configured correctly, WinLIRC will retrieve an error that notifies you the device does not work properly. If you want to test it, you can view its raw output. However, you must be aware that some receivers export different types of data and their responsiveness depends mostly on the plugin you have selected to be used in controlling your PC remotely.

After configuring all the options, you need to exit WinLIRC and load IRGraph. If your receiver does not export raw timing information, you might probably want to skip this step as the receiver displays the signal and its frequency.

Considering that the application works perfectly from the System Tray area, it does not disturb you from your daily activities. The right-click menu will toggle a small menu from where you can access the main Configuration window. You can modify the port number, select the receiver type you are interested in and analyze the raw data stored in the configuration file.

All in all, WinLIRC Still helps you to decode signals and receive infrared remote control signals with ease. Still, using the program on its own might not be as useful as expected since it requires an application or client utility that interprets the decoded signal.

WinLIRC was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on May 7th, 2015
WinLIRC - In the Setup window of WinLIRC, you can reset the app's settings, such as the Input Plugin or the remote configurationWinLIRC - In the Audio Input window, you can choose the format and the channel of the connected microphoneWinLIRC - You have the option to choose the transmitter channels and the device ID before using itWinLIRC - screenshot #4WinLIRC - screenshot #5

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