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Straightforward piece of software that attempts to fix common Windows automatic updating issues using published methods, suitable for rookies

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Windows Update Fix offers a simple solution to repairing some common issues when it comes to faulty Windows automatic updates.

This application is lightweight and portable, and does not come packed with complicated settings, making it suitable for novices and professionals alike.

The lack of a setup pack means that you can drop the program in any location on the HDD and just click it to run.

Otherwise, you may move Windows Update Fix to a removable storage unit (pen drive etc.) and run it on any machine with minimum effort.

The important aspect to take into account is that the app does not create new entries in the Windows registry or the Start menu as it would most likely happen with an installer, leaving the hard disk clean after removal.

Its interface consists of an uncomplicated structure where the "what you see is what you get" rule clearly applies, since there are no other options available, aside from the button shown in the main window.

Basically, the whole operation is done through one click. Windows Update Fix stops the automatic updates services, unregisters and re-registers the applications in question, verifies proxy settings, and restarts the Windows Update service.

The tool is very low-demanding when it comes to CPU and RAM. It finishes a job rapidly and does not cause the OS to hang, crash or pop up error dialogs. Although the steps taken by the tool can be manually performed by any experienced user, Windows Update Fix supplies rookies with a simpler method.

Windows Automatic Update Fix Tool was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on October 17th, 2013
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