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Offers the necessary runtime components to execute a game on Windows

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XNA Framework Redistributable is a programming tool for the software developers that want to create games for Windows. The package is also required for running a game that was created with XNA Game Studio.

The libraries provided in the XNA Framework are designed for game development and are based on .NET Framework. They include classes, interfaces and value types that constitute the basis of every application or component developed with XNA Game Studio.

The goal of the library is to make the tasks of a game developer easier by providing a set of predefined tools and classes. This allows the user to learn faster and to spend less time for creating a window or enumerating graphic adapters. It can enable the developer to focus on writing the code for the game.

The framework intends to help developers create games for multiple platforms such as Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox 360. It includes a set of APIs that makes it easier to create an Xbox 360 version of a game developed for Windows.

The APIs are normalized across the platforms and allow you to avoid many of the compiling bugs encountered when porting a game. For instance, the Storage API allows you to save and access data in the same way on both platforms.

Overall, the XNA Framework Redistributable is a useful tool both for professional game designers and especially for beginners. Using this set of APIs allows them to invest more time in the content of the game instead of dealing with compatibility issues.

XNA Framework Redistributable was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on June 19th, 2012

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