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A simple and lightweight application that was created to provide you with th ability of receiving Windows XP updates until the year 2019

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XP Update Extender is a user-friendly piece of software aiming to help you keep your Windows XP operating system running without too many errors for as long as possible, by allowing you to install updates until 2019.

Third party apps to watch out for

During the installation period, you will need to pay attention to what you accept to install on your PC, as the program will also offer a series of third party applications, which it does not need in order to function properly.

As such, you can accept or decline the offer, depending on your particular needs, after which the process will undergo as normal, letting you get started right away.

Continue to receive Windows XP updates with minimal effort

XP Update Extender’ works by setting a registry key that will mimic a version of Windows XP Embedded (‘POSready’, regularly encountered on ATM machines and which Microsoft has agreed to continue supporting for at least a few more years).

This way, any critical patches that are released, you will be able to also receive. This way, nothing gets modified inside your computer and you are able to revert the actions of XP Update Extender simply by clicking on the ‘Enable / Disable’ button.

However, you are warned that the updates that you choose to install may very well harm your computer, since they might not be tested for your version or edition, so anything you opt to do is at your own expense.

A simple tool for receiving XP patches

To conclude, XP Update Extender is an interesting and easy to understand application that can help you keep on updating your operating system with patches and fixes intended for Windows XP Embedded.

XP Update Extender was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on June 19th, 2014
XP Update Extender - XP Update Extender is a simple tool that can help you receive updates for Windows XP until 2019

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