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A lightweight application that enables you to check and improve the startup process for your system, by enabling or disabling startup programs

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Xvirus Startup Optimizer is a simple to use application designed to help you monitor your computer’s startup time and speed. The software is lightweight and it can automatically calculate the time it takes your system to fully load, upon startup. The boot time represents the amount of time it takes for your computer to be fully functional once you turn it on.

Boot time calculator and diagnosis tool

Xvirus Startup Optimizer can estimate the time it takes for all the startup processes and software to load, in order for you to operate your system safely. The more processes or programs are scheduled to automatically open when Windows starts, the longer it takes your system to fully load.

However, if your system takes too long to start and be fully operational, it might be because there are too many startup programs or it might indicate a virus infection. In this case, you computer may be at risk. Xvirus Startup Optimizer is a simple way to diagnose your computer’s startup time and check if the system is at risk or not.

Reliable startup manager

Xvirus Startup Optimizer also enables you to manage the software scheduled to open with Windows. It can detect all the startup processes, both system required and user installed, then list them in its interface. You may easily view the names and full paths of all the startup applications then disable the autorun function or delete them from the list.

Deleting an entry from the list does not, however, uninstall the program or remove any of its components from your computer. Disabling an application implies that it no longer start with Windows, but it still features in the Xvirus Startup Optimizer’s list. Additionally, you may open the source folder of each entry.

Startup manager and supervisor

While Xvirus Startup Optimizer is reliable and easy to use, it does not alert you on the importance of each startup program. It does not make a difference between the system and user processes. However, it is lightweight and it does not affect the processor usage when running in the background, which means that it can continuously monitor your system and check the startup time at any moment.

Xvirus Startup Optimizer was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on April 14th, 2015
Xvirus Startup Optimizer - Xvirus Startup Optimizer is a reliable application that enables you to improve the startup time for your computer.Xvirus Startup Optimizer - The software can detect all the software that start with Windows and allow you to disable their automatic opening function.

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