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A simple and efficient piece of software functioning as a tool for converting ZIP format files into ISO, with little to no effort

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Zip2Iso is user-friendly and reliable application whose main purpose is to help you convert ZIP archives to ISO files with just one push of a button, or even less.

The program is quite basic and intuitive, requiring no previous experience with similar tools. It features an unimpressive interface, but manages to perform its job dutifully every time. Despite providing you with a minimal set of features and functions, it is precisely its simplicity that makes it functional and attractive.

You can add the file you want to work with either by browsing through the contents of your computer and selecting the targeted object or just by drag and dropping it onto the surface of its main window. However Zip2Iso does not support batch mode, so if you wish to generate multiple ISO files from archives, you will need to convert each item individually.

If you choose the 'Drag and Drop' method, Zip2Iso will instantly extract the contents of the archive, then quickly compile them to create the ISO file you need, outputting the generated object to the same location as the source ZIP.

On the other hand, if you choose to browse for the file you intend to convert, you can press on the dedicated button and Zip2Iso allows you to specify whether to delete the folder, select the save location and enter an ISO label for your file. When done, you simply need to press the 'GO!' button and Zip2Iso will perform its task, providing you with the results in just moments. Note that the duration of this process also depends on the size of the input item.

To conclude, Zip2Iso is a useful and reliable software solution that can help you swiftly turn ZIP files into ISO, saving you valuable time and effort in the process, by enabling you to work with your file immediately after conversion.

Zip2Iso was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on January 3rd, 2014
Zip2Iso - You can choose to drag your zip files onto the program in order to convert them.Zip2Iso - This is how you can change the destination folder and the label of your new ISO file.

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