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Keep the drivers of your computer devices up to date using this software application that gets the job done as fast and efficient

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Every piece of computer hardware requires a driver in order to properly function. These can be found all over the Internet, manually downloaded and installed. Applications like eMachines Drivers Update Utility save you the time needed to do that and offers to keep everything on your computer up to date.

As fast as your Internet connection

The only thing you need to worry about when using the application is the speed of your connection to the Internet. In the main window, you won't be able to resist pressing the “Start Scan” button. Once you do so, the application scans your computer for outdated drivers in a matter of seconds.

Afterward, a list is displayed, in which devices and their outdated elements can be found, along with the new version of the driver and options to download and install. Additionally, if you don't want to manually choose which should be updated, the “Download All” button does this for you.

Ability to create a backup and restore

Even though devices might not run smooth without the corresponding and updated driver, a newer version can be flawed. The possibility for applications to be interfered with or damaged exists, so it is important to create a backup before downloading starts. Provided options found in separate tabs give you the possibility to do so.

You are able to automate this process from the settings menu. You can set the application to run at boot, and even download and install updates when available.

In conclusion

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that eMachines Drivers Update Utility is a handy application when it comes to keeping devices up to date. The user interface does not pose any problems being quite pleasant to work in. If you don't find the necessary time to manually to so, you can trust this utility to get the job done.

eMachines Drivers Update Utility was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on April 25th, 2014
eMachines Drivers Update Utility - The Scan tab allows you to search your system for drivers that are not up to date.eMachines Drivers Update Utility - After scanning, the program displays the available updates and lets you choose which drivers to download and to install.eMachines Drivers Update Utility - The user can configure the application to automatically download and install new drivers in the Settings tab.

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