VLC Media Player Backup4all Plugin

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Once loaded in Backup4all, this backup plugin will allow backing up VLC Media Player languages, plugins, skins and configurations.

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VLC Media Player Backup4all Plugin allows you to quickly configure the Backup4all application for backing up the VLC configuration. You can use it to create a backup without having to manually specify the files that need to be backed up.

When you need to migrate your applications to another computer or to reinstall the operating system you can preserve the configuration by backing up certain files. Unfortunately, not all the apps have the option to export the current settings which makes it hard to preserve your preferences.

Moreover, not all the user settings are saved in the same location. Some applications use the Windows user folder, others store the data in the registry or buried deep in the AppData folders which makes your task almost impossible.

If you are using Backup4all for creating regular backups, you require this plugin in order to tell the program where the important files are stored. It is a lightweight XML file which includes the location of the VLC plugins, skins, languages and OSD menu settings that need to be backed up.

It can save you a lot of time of browsing the files manually or searching the Internet for the default settings locations. You can also use this plugin to backup the registry files which complete the correct installation of the VideoLAN player.

The plugin can be used after installing it in Backup4all in order to create a backup job with its parameters. If you did not use a plugin for creating backup jobs you can read this tutorial provided by the developer.

Overall, the VLC Media Player Backup4all Plugin is a must-have tool for all the Backup4all users who want to back up VLC with minimum effort.

VLC Media Player Backup4all Plugin was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on April 11th, 2013
VLC Media Player Backup4all Plugin - From the Backup Wizard window of Backup4all you can select the VLC Media Player components to backup

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