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This lightweight and intuitive application enables you to enhance the speed of your Internet browser by performing process prioritization

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Browser Booster is a user-friendly piece of software which promises to improve your web browser’s speed by operating certain process prioritization operations, enabling you to take full advantage of what it can do.

Basic yet practical interface

After a very quick and uneventful installation process, you can run the program and activate the ‘Boost’ on our favorite browser, in just a few clicks.

The main window of Browser Booster is quite simple, yet functional, listing four of the most popular Internet browsers out there, specifically Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer, displaying whether they are installed on your computer or currently running, in the case of the latter also featuring its file path.

Improve your browser’s performance

The application enables you to activate the ‘Boost’ mode on a preferred browser by right-clicking on its entry in the main screen and selecting the corresponding option; this can be reverted the same way.

Browser Booster can also function as a launcher, since it allows you to run one of the available browsers just by selecting the proper option from the right-click menu, with two available modes, namely ‘Normal’ and ‘Boost’. At the same time, the tool features the ability to terminate the selected program just as easily.

Browser Booster claims to enhance your web browser’s performance by prioritizing certain processes, yet what those processes are remains rather unclear; similarly, the fact that there is no empirical way of proving the utility’s capabilities means the ultimate choice in using it is up to you.

Handy speed booster

To sum it up, Browser Booster is an interesting application which supposedly increases the performance of several popular web browsers with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Browser Booster was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on August 5th, 2014
Browser Booster - The main window of Browser Booster displays the currently running browsers and allows you to enhance their functioningBrowser Booster - From the context menu, you can activate or deactivate the boost actions on your browserBrowser Booster - You can launch an installed browser in normal or boost mode from the context menu of the application

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