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A Firefox extension that allows you to package as many extensions as you desire into one installable XPI file which you can use to restore them

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Just like creating backups for your browser bookmarks, you are able to do the same for your Mozilla Firefox addons.

This is actually a good thing since finding a good browser extension can take you a long time and when you find one, it certainly becomes part of your daily browsing routine and can even help you with work or studies.

CLEO is a tool that allows you to export all your Firefox addons as a simple XPI file which you can then use to restore them to the browser or share them with someone else.

In order to be able to do this, CLEO needs the help of another addon, namely FEBE. The latter is a browser application that has the purpose of rebuilding all your installed extensions into individual XPI files. While that is indeed a very helpful thing, the only disadvantage to it is that you then have to manually reinstall every one.

With CLEO present in your browser, that inconvenience disappears because all the addons that FEBE extracts are combined and merged into one single XPI file which automatically adds all the extensions to the browser. Creating a CLEO package is a something that anyone can do provided the XPI files have been already extracted from the browser.

To create the addon pack, all you need is to enter a name for the future XPI, select the source files and generate a description for the pack. With those steps complete, you’re one click away from creating the single XPI.

If you already have the final XPI created as a backup and in the meantime you start using a new one, CLEO is able to both overwrite the existing XPI and append the new addon to the rest.

In closing, CLEO is by all means a very practical addon that you can use to remove the hassle of reinstalling your favorite Firefox extensions.

CLEO was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on December 20th, 2013
CLEO - After isntalling this extesnion you will notice that the CLEO item has been added to the FEBE submenu.CLEO - CLEO Options menu - here you are able to choose one of the overwrite actions and select the directory for the created package.

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