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A small application to automatically update Chromium, but also to quickly install or uninstall the browser from your computer with ease

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Chromium, the browser that represents the basis of Google Chrome, is used by numerous people over the world due to its handy functions and its ease of use. In addition, it also received updates on a regular basis, and those who want to make sure they do not miss any one of them can try Chromium Auto Updater.

It needs to be mentioned from the beginning that the application can only run on operating systems newer than Windows Vista, so those still running older OSes need to look elsewhere for the same functions.

The application is a command-line utility that is mainly targeted at expert users as adjusting its settings require some computer skills that novices will most likely not have. Nonetheless, reading the documentation might offer some helpful instructions.

Despite its name, Chromium Auto Updater can also be used to install Chromium if the browser is not detected on the host computer, then add a new job to the Windows Task Scheduler so as to update Chromium on a daily basis, in the evening. This is one of the settings that can be modified by those with the proper knowledge.

Whenever users want to uninstall Chromium from their system, they can rely on Chromium Auto Updater once again, as it includes a utility that can remove the browser from their PC with as little user input as possible.

Overall, Chromium Auto Updater provides users with a quick and efficient way to install and remove Chromium, without wasting their time with complex graphic user interfaces or complicated buttons and menus. The browser can also be kept up-to-date without additional effort, so one can enjoy new features or bug fixes as soon as they are released.

Chromium Auto Updater was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on November 27th, 2013
Chromium Auto Updater - Chromium Auto Updater updates your Chromium browser every day at 20:00.

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