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Dedicated to Internet Explorer users, this utility helps them look for items on Google and other user-input sites, use an AutoFill feature and protect settings with a password

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There are many ways to benefit from the numerous products and services Google has to offer, and installing its dedicated toolbar on the computer is one of the most convenient ones. It is available only for Internet Explorer editions later than 6, and users can access its functions smoothly if they run an operating system newer than Windows XP SP3.

Input credentials and simple method of use

However, in order to fully enjoy all the functions of Google Toolbar, users first need to enter their credentials or create a Google account that would allow them to store all their data snippets in the same place.

Google Toolbar is integrated within Internet Explorer and users can easily perform searches without needing to manually navigate to Google’s homepage first: they can simply select a keyword from the website they are currently browsing or they can type a phrase they want to find out details about.

Search on other sites and share items with friends

This toolbar allows users to perform searches on other Google services as well, including YouTube, Google Calendar, Picasa Web Albums, Google Documents or Images, and users can also enhance the toolbar’s functions by adding new search sites.

Another benefit of Google Toolbar is that sharing an interesting webpage with friends is very easy to do, no matter if the users prefer Google+, Facebook, Blogger, Digg, Hotmail, Gmail, MySpace, StumbleUpon, Twitter or Yahoo! Mail. Needless to say, an account is needed for each service one wants to use.

Use security features and create a few profiles

Google Toolbar also allows users to create AutoFill profiles so that personal details like full name, email address and shipping address are automatically filled in when compatible fields are detected. Additionally, password-protected credit card profiles can also be created, so that you can be sure only you and other authorized people can access that important information.

Performance and conclusion

To sum up, Google Toolbar can prove to be more than a gateway to the numerous products Google has to offer, as it also features a pop-up blocker and a spell checker, along with translation functions.

It does not hamper the system’s performance as it does not require many resources, and it did not hang, freeze or crash in our tests. Jobs are completed in a timely fashion and the interface is suitable to all types of users.

Google Toolbar was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on August 4th, 2014
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