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Open IE tabs in your Firefox

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Extensions are a great way to customize your browsers and add the extra functionality you need. IE Tab is designed mostly for developers who want to test their webpages in a cross-browser environment. It allows you to embed Internet Explorer in Firefox.

After installing it, two new items are added to the context menu in Firefox, allowing you to open the visited webpage or a selected link either in a newly launched Internet Explorer window or in a Mozilla Firefox tab.

The new opened tab acts just as if you were using Internet Explorer, including the context menu available in Microsoft’s web browser. Additionally, if you click the tab while holding the CRTL key results in opening the link in a fresh IE window.

The extension allows you to choose which item to display in the context menu of the tabs, the content area and the personal bookmarks.

This add-on allows you to enable sites filtering and choose websites that you want to always open using the Internet Explorer engine. Other options are also available, such as focusing on the new tab when switching the rendering engine. The external application settings can also be customized, as you can change IE's location path.

IE Tab offers you the possibility to embed IE in tabs of Firefox. Thus, you don't need to manually open a new IE window in order to test your webpage display in this browser. You simply open a new IE tab and switch back to Firefox with just a click.

IE Tab was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on April 22nd, 2013
IE Tab - The right click menu of Firefox allows you to open a window or link in a new IE tab.IE Tab - You will be able to enable / disable and add site filters from the IE Tab Options window.IE Tab - From the General Settings tab you can adjust the interface or rendering engine settings.IE Tab - The Context Menu tab allows you to select the options you want to display in the right click context menu.IE Tab - You can input the path to the external program you want to use from the External Application tab.

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