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Firefox extension that retrieves the Bid and Ask price of Spot Gold from Kitco's website

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Kitco Spot Gold Price Watcher is a compact Firefox extension designed to keep you updated with the price of gold while you are browsing the Internet. It is a useful for the users who trade gold items and need to keep in touch with the market.

Gold is one of the precious metals used by investors from around the world to store wealth in order to protect it from inflation. Even during unstable economic environments such as the financial crisis, the price of gold was stable and provided comfort to the owners.

However, even the gold price has certain variations which are essential for important transactions that involve large quantities of gold. This is why every investor needs to keep an eye on this value and react to the changes in the market.

The add-on is designed for the Mozilla Firefox users who do not want to open new tabs, check the price manually or periodically refresh a tab to find out the current price. This tool allows you to get the information with just one look.

It is installed in the extension toolbar which must be visible in order to view the updated bid and ask values. You do not need to install complicated programs or use desktop widgets that display other information besides the price of gold.

If you are looking just for the gold price and are not interested in other stocks, the Gold Price Watcher add-on can be very helpful. It does not require any configuration for retrieving the information from the Internet and occupies very little space on the browser interface.

Overall, Kitco Spot Gold Price Watcher is a good tool provides that you are comfortable with using older versions of Firefox. If are using the latest version of the browser, you should look for another alternative.

Kitco Spot Gold Price Watcher was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on April 1st, 2013
Kitco Spot Gold Price Watcher - Kitco Spot Gold Price Watcher has the ability to place a new notification in the status bar of your Firefox browser.

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