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Manage the SQLite databases on your computer from the browser of your very own choice, with the help of this practical Firefox extension

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SQLite Manager for Firefox is one of the many version of SQLite Manager available on the market. Amongst other applications, SQLite Manager also supports Songbird, Komodo, Gecko or XULRunner.

SQLite Manager for Firefox is, in fact, a very slim extension for the popular web browsers as well as its siblings (Thunderbird and SeaMonkey) that helps you rapidly and effortlessly manage your SQLite databases stored on your system.

In order to start SQLite Manager for Firefox, you can navigate to the Tools menu and find it there or, if your Firefox menu bar is hidden, you can go to the Web Developer sub-menu of the main Firefox menu. Connections are as easy as 1-2-3 to establish, while changing the default extension can be accomplished within the main options of the ‘Tools’ menu.

One of SQLite’s main advantages is the lack of a server-client connection. By default, SQLite is used in a plethora of highly popular applications such as web browsers, operating systems as well as embedded systems. Amongst them, we can specify the Firefox, Chrome and Opera browsers, Skype, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Adobe Reader applications as well as BlackBerry, Windows Phone, iOS or Android operating systems.

To sum it all up, SQLite Manager for Firefox is a very good addition to the Mozilla Add-Ons website, especially for those of you that need a quick, accessible SQLite manager that comfortably integrates into your web browser. If Firefox is the browser of choice for you and you work with SQLite databases, then SQLite Manager for Firefox is the add-on for you.

SQLite Manager was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on March 2nd, 2015
SQLite Manager - The main window of SQLite Manager enables you to connect to your database of choiceSQLite Manager - From the File menu, you can attach or detach databases, export tables or import themSQLite Manager - screenshot #3SQLite Manager - screenshot #4SQLite Manager - screenshot #5SQLite Manager - screenshot #6SQLite Manager - screenshot #7SQLite Manager - screenshot #8SQLite Manager - screenshot #9SQLite Manager - screenshot #10SQLite Manager - screenshot #11SQLite Manager - SQLite Manager is a Firefox extension that enables you to work with SQLite databases from your browser

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