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A useful Firefox extension that lets you to rapidly access favorite websites, with support for full customization, keyboard and mouse shortcuts

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Speed Dial is a Firefox add-on that enables you to quickly access favorite websites. It comprises numerous configuration options to satisfy all users, both novices and experts.

Quick setup, adding a few dials and tweaking other parameters

The extension is very easy to install, and you are required to restart Firefox to apply the new changes. In the first-time configuration panel you can enable dial groups, add a Speed Dial button to the toolbar and set it as your homepage, add a weather dial, as well as load in blank new windows or tabs.

You can add a new dial by specifying a location, image (local or from URL), title and refresh rate. Plus, you may enable JavaScript, customize the layout scaling and background color, as well as enable thumbnail cropping.

Sort dials, assign hotkeys and export information

Dials are organized into groups, as each one supports up to nine items, by default. It is possible to create as many groups as you want, and sort them in the list.

Additional Speed Dial options are available. You may create a tab or browsing area context menu, change default total rows and columns for groups, modify sizes, assign keyboard controls and mouse-click actions, alter the background browser size, and many more. Dials and settings are exportable to file.

A final assessment

The add-on clearly features a wide range of configurable parameters for users who want to fully customize speed dials across their web browser. What's more, it is compatible even with newer Firefox editions. All in all, Speed Dial is a very useful and reliable Firefox extension, as it grants users a smoother online navigational experience.

Speed Dial was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on September 15th, 2015
Speed Dial - Speed Dial will help you quickly and easily access your most visited sites just like in Opera browserSpeed Dial - From the Basic tab you have the possibility to change the current speed dial with a predefined imageSpeed Dial - You can navigate to the Layout tab if you want to customize the background colorSpeed Dial - screenshot #4Speed Dial - screenshot #5Speed Dial - screenshot #6Speed Dial - screenshot #7Speed Dial - screenshot #8Speed Dial - screenshot #9

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