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A reliable addon for Maxthon that you can use to easily shorten the URLs of the webpage you are visiting in case they are too long




TinyURL is a lightweight and simple addon for the Maxthon web browser that is designed to automatically replace long URLs with shorter ones. This enables you to share a link you like with others without having to copy and paste an endless sequence of characters.

The addon can be easily installed in Maxthon 2. Unfortunately, more recent versions of the browser do not provide support for M2P extensions anymore.

Once installed, you will discover that TinyURL is very easy to use. It adds a new button to the browser toolbar, which can easily be used to shorten the URL of the webpage you are currently visiting.

For your convenience, the shortened URL  is automatically copied to the Windows clipboard. This is one of its most important advantages, since you can then paste the link into an instant messaging application or any other program and send it to your friends or acquaintances.

Long URLs might automatically break when inserted into an e-mail, which means that the recipient will have to paste it back together in order to make it valid. Using the TinyURL online service, this addon helps you reduce the length of any link you might stumble upon during browsing sessions.

With the help of an extension such as TinyURL, those who remained faithful to the second edition of Maxthon will be able to generate shorter links, allowing the redirection of long URLs.
Last updated on September 25th, 2007

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