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The Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin will enable Firefox users to view Windows Media Player content directly from the browser




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Most users have their preferred video and audio players which they use for handling multimedia content, but sometimes it is easier to watch a certain online video inside the web browser, rather than having to open the dedicated program and pasting the link in there.

Modern browsers can handle the more common file formats and there are quite a few extensions that can be used for such purposes. For those who use Mozilla's proprietary Internet navigating solution, Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin will serve well.

This add-on will make it possible for anyone to watch inside Firefox the movies that otherwise open with WMP (Windows Media Player). The great thing about this extension is that it doesn't need any configuration.

Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin is made available with its own installer, so it will not be necessary to use the built-in Add-ons Manager and have Firefox restart in order to activate the extension.

Instead, the setup will place the necessary files directly inside the Plugins directory of Firefox, which can be found in the installation folder. Since it will not be listed under the Plugins tab of the Add-ins manager, it is worth taking the time to check manually if the DLL file is present in the above mentioned location.

To make sure Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin is functioning correctly, all you have to do is find an online clip in MP4, MPEG or other video format supported by WMP and click its link. When the movie starts inside Firefox you will know that the add-on is working as it should.
Last updated on March 3rd, 2015

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