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Dynamically overclock several devices of your system

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Overclocking needs two things to happen: a PC and an enthusiast. The best thing that can happen in this case is the achievement of a stable yet high overclock. As it's just not a job for the average user, overclocking must be accompanied by rigorous hardware temperature monitoring and solid in-depth knowledge regarding all the aspects of your computer component tagged for this particular operation.

Once you are all prepped-up for overclocking your system, you need the right tools for the job according to the system component you want to boost its performance. ClockGen is not yet another overclocking utility. It uses the PLL (phase lock loop) of your system to increase or decrease the overall clock including CPU (Central Processing Unit), FSB (Front Side Bus), RAM (Random Access Memory), PCIE (PCI Express) and PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect).

Determining your PLL is the first thing you need to do. You can just search the Internet for it by entering your motherboard's manufacturer and model as well as the term `PLL`. If this doesn't help, then you have to guess it by trying each one of the available options within the Clock Generator Setup section of the PLL Setup window and then click on the `Read Clocks` button to check whether the readings are accurate or not.

In case they reflect your system's configuration, then you may have found the correct PLL and you may now step forward and actually change the clock of your system within the `PLL Control` window. The recommendation is that you take this step-by-step by slightly increasing your values and apply the selection every time you do it in order to check if the system crashes or not.

You can verify your working overclock by running various benchmarks or stress tests in order to make sure that the achieved values result in a stable system. One more time, you have to strictly monitor the temperatures inside your PC just so you don't end up with all sorts of problems from burnt CPU to overall damage of your hardware and warranty loss that costs you the entire system.

Putting the risks aside, ClockGen is a very witty piece of software that, although asks for advanced knowledge, truly puts the entire motherboard alongside its connected components to a rather scientific overclock process based on the PLL of your system. Due to its nature, ClockGen does not address to beginners or users that don't want to take chances but to overclocking enthusiasts. In fact, this tool is exclusively created for this type of users.

ClockGen was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on July 18th, 2012
ClockGen - ClockGen will help you dynamically overclock several devices of your systemClockGen - The Options window will provide users with a list of preferences like Frames Snap or Apply current settings at startup

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