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Free Ram Optimizer XP is a free and useful tool that optimizes your memory (ram)

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The market is already full or apps aimed at memory optimization, but Free Ram Optimizer XP promises to be a much more effective and user friendly tool.

And as far as user friendliness goes, Free Ram Optimizer XP is indeed an excellent application, with very intuitive options and a well-organized interface.

Once launched, the program places an icon in the Windows System Tray that gives you instant access to the main window of the app and enables you to free up memory in a second.

It’s almost impossible to get lost in the main window thanks to its clean layout, with a tabbed structure to make sure both beginners and those more experienced figure out which feature is which.

Automatic memory optimization is of course possible and, what’s more, enabled by default. You however need to define the amount of memory to be freed up and the lower limit.

Free Ram Optimizer XP also allows its users to configure a dedicated hotkey for manual memory optimization, again with a dedication option to define the amount of memory to be freed up.

There are only a few settings to play with, which can only be good news for beginners and disappointing for advanced users. You can for instance launch the program at Windows startup and perform a memory optimization every time you launch the program.

Free Ram Optimizer XP is indeed an effective tool and even if it keeps an icon in the Tray, it doesn’t affect the overall performance of the system.

To sum up, Free Ram Optimizer XP does what it says, it looks good, it’s not a resource hog and can be safely used by both beginners and more experienced users. A few more features and configuration options and it could easily become one of the top products in this particular software category.

Free Ram Optimizer XP was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on April 26th, 2012
Free Ram Optimizer XPFree Ram Optimizer XP

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