Instant Memory Cleaner

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A front-end application for Microsoft's command line ClearMem tool

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Instant Memory Cleaner is a very easy to use memory cleaner that provides only basic tools and thus targets both beginners and more experienced users alike.

Although we've seen this kind of application before, Instant Memory Cleaner is a bit different as it sports absolutely no configuration screen and just a single tool for cleaning the memory.

Quietly sitting in System Tray and providing absolutely no feature to automatically free the memory when a certain limit is reached, Instant Memory Cleaner also shows a few statistics regarding the system.

For example, you can see total physical memory, memory in use, available physical memory, total pagefile, total virtual memory and pagefile size, all in a very simple window that can be accessed with the help of the System Tray icon.

If you wish to free memory, it's enough to click on the program's icon in System Tray and hit the “Clean Memory” option. It all takes just a few seconds and the result can be easily seen in the dedicated info window we were talking about.

As you can see, Instant Memory Cleaner provides only the basic tools to free memory, so you can't set up the application to perform a regular clean or start one when a defined limit is reached. Plus, you're not allowed to select the amount of memory to free.

Although it's supposed to run all the time, the impact of system performance is just minimal and Instant Memory Cleaner works flawlessly on all Windows versions.

Overall, Instant Memory Cleaner is one of the easiest to use memory utilities on the market, offering just the basic features to serve its purpose in a matter of seconds.

Instant Memory Cleaner was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on February 14th, 2012
Instant Memory Cleaner - Instant Memory Cleaner displays a list of your current memory details, including your total physical memory, the memory in use, the total virtual memory, etc.Instant Memory Cleaner - Instant Memory Cleaner sits in the system tray, shows a small window with your free memory and allows you to clean your memory.

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