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A useful tool for cleaning the computer RAM

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Memory Cleaner is one of the many tools out there on the market developed to optimize the system RAM and boost the overall performance of the computer.

Interface-wise, there’s nothing that could get you too much trouble and the design of the GUI is intuitive enough to help both rookies and more experienced users figure out the purpose of each tool in a second.

Feature are nicely organized in tabs, so you get “Memory” and “Options”, with the latter developed to provide access to a bunch of configurable parameters.

The “Memory” tab shows memory usage, pagefile and virtual memory information, as well as average, maximum and minimum usage. You are allowed to trim processes working set and clear the system cache, with the first option requiring a bit more technical experience.

It may sound more difficult, but it’s a different way of saying “memory optimization”, so you can safely use it to boost system performance. Truth is, a help section could really come in handy, so this is one of the things to be improved in the next versions.

Memory Cleaner can automatically optimize system performance based on some user defined settings, all of which are available in the “Options” tab we were talking about. But the result isn’t quite impressive, as we didn’t experience any significant speed boost during our testing.

Overall, Memory Cleaner may deserve a try, but a bit more user-friendly approach could appeal to more rookies. The good thing is that it can be safely used on any Windows workstation out there.

Memory Cleaner was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on October 10th, 2014
Memory Cleaner - This is the main window of that enables you to clean the RAM on your system.Memory Cleaner - From the Options window you can adjust various features of the application.

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