Memory Defragmenter

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This software was created to help you improve your computer's performance by tweaking its RAM.

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Memory optimization is no longer a task that only professionals can do, especially thanks to user-friendly apps, and Memory Defragmenter is clearly worth a try.

Once launched, you shall discover a plain and simple GUI that does nothing more than to show memory information, grouping absolutely all available options in just a single window.

While that's indeed a very good thing for rookies, it may quickly become frustrating for experienced users, especially because this app lacks important features available in some other similar tools, such as hotkey support and more auto memory optimization options.

Aside from the flashing titlebar that's pretty annoying, Memory Defragmenter shows current memory usage and physical memory information.

You can instantly defrag the memory by pressing the dedicated button at the bottom of the window or configure auto-memory optimization by adjusting the slider just above it.

Memory Defragmenter has no special hardware requirements and it works smoothly on all Windows versions on the market, without even asking for administrator privileges on Windows 7 machines. It cannot be minimized to Tray and this is quite a major setback if you're planning to use its auto optimization mode.

To sum up, Memory Defragmenter could come in handy to some beginners, but it lacks many important features that could appeal to more experienced users. The good thing is that it can improve your computer performance with the press of a button.

Memory Defragmenter was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on August 20th, 2012
Memory Defragmenter - This is the main window of Memory Defragmenter where you can view the status of your computer's memory, and start defragmenting it.

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