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Displays the used, cached and free memory on your computer and enables you to free up RAM with a simple click of a button to speed up the system

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Memory Optimizer Pro is one of the easiest to use applications developed to optimize system memory.

In essence a freeware tool that can speed up your computer, Memory Optimizer Pro doesn’t require any special computer skills because everything comes down to just a single button.

The application relies on a “one window does it all” approach that’s being used to show valuable information about your computer’s performance, but also to optimize the memory in a second.

For example, Memory Optimizer Pro shows the user, cached and free memory, all with the help of a progress bar and different colors to display each value.

The “Recover Free Memory” button is the shortest path to a quick speed boost, but we didn’t experience any major improvement during our test.

What’s more, it’s pretty clear that Memory Optimizer Pro lacks some very important features, including an auto-optimization feature to take care of the system memory based on some user-defined options.

Last but not least, the app doesn’t comprise hotkey support to quickly optimize the system and can’t be minimized to Tray to free up memory whenever it’s needed.

All things considered, Memory Optimizer Pro is just a basic tool for those who are satisfied with simple memory optimization features. Still, the lack of so many important features makes the application less appealing for more experienced users, so it remains an app that’s more appropriate for beginners.

Memory Optimizer Pro was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on September 3rd, 2015
Memory Optimizer Pro - Memory Optimizer Pro enables you to track RAM usage on your computer and free up memory with just a click.

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