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Speed up your computer, stop memory leaks and increase free RAM

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Mz RAM Booster is a system tweak application that claims to increase the performance level of your system by boosting the RAM and making some under the hood adjustments.

It achieves to optimize the memory by fine-tuning some Windows default values and by closing idle processes running in the background. Mz RAM Booster can make your computer function at its best without affecting its stability.

The user interface is pretty intuitive. The System Information tab displays an overivew of the RAM, virtual memory and total CPU usage, while the System SpeedUp allows you tweak the system in order to improve its speed (a computer restart is required).

There are also three tasks that require a single click - Smart Optimize, Recover RAM, and CPU Boost. The first too act almost instantly, but the latter may take some while to complete (duration may extend up to 15 minutes).

Other adjustments can be manually performed from the Options section. Here, you can configure various optimization options (you can automate the process or set the application to begin optimizing your system when the CPU usage hits a user-defined percentage).

All in all, Mz RAM Booster spears you the labor of manually tweaking your system in order to work at its best. It’s intuitive, easy-to-use and it’s addressed to both beginners and professionals. It doesn’t make irreversible changes to your computer, so it’s safe to use every function it sports.

Mz RAM Booster was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on October 9th, 2012
Mz RAM Booster - Mz RAM Booster will help you speed up your computer, stop memory leaks and increase free RAMMz RAM Booster - Users will be able to access options such as System / Shutdown / CPU Priority Tweaks from the System SpeedUp tabMz RAM Booster - The Options window will provide users with Optimize / General or Recover OptionsMz RAM Booster - You can choose from Show Free RAM or Mz RAM Booster Icon within the Tray Icon Options tabMz RAM Booster - The Settings button will display a list of Themes like Office 2010 / 2007 Blue, Black or Silver

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