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A reliable and intuitive application whose main purpose is to help you edit and change the contents of the SPD EEPROM on memory modules

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SPDTool is a straightforward and practical piece of software worth having when you need to read, edit and flash your memory's SPD effortlessly.

What’s more, the application comes in handy for users who need to modify the content of the SPD EEPROM on memory modules.

An intuitive and user-friendly interface

Once you launch the application, you will notice that the main window is very easy to work with. After the computer is scanned automatically, it will display the proper values for the identified drivers.

However, in case memory modules or SMBus drivers are not found, SPDTool allows you to work with SPD dumbs - still, you cannot read or write them to the memory modules.

The bottom pane of the program displays full-detailed information about your memory's SPD such as module height, the total number of DIMM ranks and the memory type. Also, you are able to view details about the voltage interface level of the current assembly.

Access information about memory modules in an easy way

Serial presence detect (shortly known as SPD) provides users with details about a computer memory module in a secure way. Since various memory module manufacturers write the SPD data to the EEPROM on their module, SPDTool enables you to read and modify the SPD information with ease.

As an advanced user, you probably know that each time your computer is booted, SPD is stored on a SDRAM memory module that notifies the BIOS about the module’s size, data width, speed and voltage. After that, the BIOS is able to use the necessary information in order to configure the memory properly for maximum reliability and performance.

Change the content of the SPD on memory modules

To wrap it up, SPDTool proves to be a steady and intuitive solution when it comes to modifying, reading, editing and flashing your memory's SPD.

SPDTool was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on February 24th, 2014
SPDTool - Read tab window of SPDTool software where you will be able to select to read the memory address of the installed memory modules.SPDTool - Submit tab window of SPDTool software where you will be able to select to submit the memory address of the installed memory modules.

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