MAC Address Changer 1.0

Change the MAC ID of your network adapter

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1 MAC Address Changer Screenshot:
MAC Address Changer - From the main window of the software you can change or reset your MAC address.
It is not that common, but it happens to require a different MAC address for your Ethernet controller.

The MAC address, or Media Access Control address is a unique ID that any network interface possess in order to identify its self over the network or Internet. It is set by the network card manufacturer and is permanently imprinted in the card's read-only memory.

Since some of the services you pay for (such as Internet access) are in sometimes bound to a specific MAC address, changing your network card, buying a new computer or installing a router would result in failure to connect to the Internet. Furthermore, some software manufacturers bind their license on a specific MAC address and if you decide to upgrade your machine you cut yourself off the benefits of the application.

If any of these happen or you just want to safely connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot, MAC Address Changer should prove quite helpful. It has a simple interface and it does not require installation. Once started, MAC Address Changer provides basic information regarding your installed network adapters and their MAC addresses.

The two functions MAC Address Changer brings to the table are Change MAC ID and Reset MAC ID. Both proved very useful during our tests. When changing the MAC address you have to provide a valid 48 bit value and press the related button. If the input value is correct, then changing the MAC address should be will be successful.

If, by any reasons you need the MAC address reverted to its original value, the Reset MAC ID function should come in handy, since it acts as an “undo” function in the app and restores the original address.

The application is user friendly, simple, intuitive and not to mention saves you a lot of trouble. So in case you ever need to change the MAC address, give it a try.

MAC Address Changer was reviewed by , last updated on November 28th, 2011

Runs on: Windows XP / Vista / Vista 64 bit / 7 / 7 64 bit / 2003

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