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You can use this application if you want more efficiency in your broadband connection

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We all want to have a faster Internet connection and some of us try to squeeze every single bit of performance from their broadband connection using all available methods.

Many optimizations, however, cannot be performed without a dedicated software solution able to modify the settings and let the Windows operating system get full advantage of a fast Internet connection.

Simple Net Speed is one of the tools designed to help you a little bit in this regard as it tries to improve the broadband speed as much as possible.

Basically, this application is all about a few sliders that you can adjust in order to boost the Internet speed. Nonetheless, please note that the increase in speed always depends on the type of web connection and this tool should yield the best results for DSL or similar connections.

The interface of Simple Net Speed is very plain and all you have to do is move the main speed slider and the multiplier one to enjoy faster browsing and downloads. This application can also prove quite useful when it comes to watching video streams or listening to online radio stations.

While testing it, the Internet connection showed very little signs of improvement. It definitely didn't have a negative impact on the system so the conclusion in this case can only be that it doesn't hurt to give it a try.

All things considered, thanks to its simplicity, Simple Net Speed addresses all categories of users and if your expectations are not too high, you will find it helpful, especially if you're on a slower Internet connection.

Simple Net Speed was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on May 23rd, 2012
Simple Net Speed - This is the main window of Simple Net Speed from where you can adjust the parameters for boosting the connection speed.

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