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Internet optimizer featuring 4 different tools

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TweakMASTER is a program that lets you configure settings when it comes to Internet connections.

The interface of the tool is plain and simple. You can access "Connection Optimization Wizard", "Advanced Optimization Settings", "Connection Speed Measurement" and other options.

So, you can automatically optimize your Internet connection, manually tweak TCP/IP, NetBIOS over TCP/IP, browsers and network adapters settings.

But you can also enable a DNS accelerator (e.g. edit the Hosts list,  create an exclusion list), configure advanced ping and trace route, as well as view a list of all currently open network connections (open TCP connections, listening TCP and UDP ports).

Furthermore, you can synchronize your computer's clock, use "Connection Minder" to execute applications when connecting and to prevent disconnections, view registration details for domain names and IP addresses (i.e. "WhoIs Client"), as well as get accurate and thorough information from domain name servers from all around the world.

In the "Options" menu, you can select the TweakMASTER Agent mode and disable sound effects. Plus, you can check for program updates and copy text.

The software uses a very low amount of system resources and includes a comprehensive help file. No errors have popped up during our tests. Unfortunately, some features are disabled in the demo version (e.g. "LinkFox", "DU Meter"). Otherwise, we recommend TweakMASTER to all users.

TweakMASTER Pro was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on February 9th, 2012
TweakMASTER Pro - TweakMASTER features a host of internet optimization and information gathering tools.TweakMASTER Pro - TweakMASTER's advanced optimization window lets you define various internet connection settings.TweakMASTER Pro - screenshot #3TweakMASTER Pro - screenshot #4TweakMASTER Pro - screenshot #5TweakMASTER Pro - screenshot #6TweakMASTER Pro - TweakMASTER's DNS accelerator will keep a record of your visited sites.TweakMASTER Pro - screenshot #8TweakMASTER Pro - screenshot #9TweakMASTER Pro - screenshot #10TweakMASTER Pro - screenshot #11TweakMASTER Pro - screenshot #12TweakMASTER Pro - screenshot #13

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