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A software utility that enables you to clean and optimize your system's registry, as well as revert all the settings to a previously saved restore point

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Your operating system usually handles numerous software installations over long periods of time, all of which need their own registry settings and a dedicated folder on your drive. Thus, the system can get overcrowded and deliver slower response times, which can have a significant impact on the overall performance of your computer.

Clean your registry and optimize the reading speed

Registry Cleaner is a software utility designed to help you regain the lost performance, by scanning and cleaning your system's registry of any residual entries and unnecessary data. In order to do this, it performs a scan operation beforehand, which detects any sort of problem related to your applications. These issues are then displayed for you to see as well, before proceeding with the cleaning procedure.

In addition, you can also optimize the overall reading speed of the registry, to minimize the access times and offer you a smoother experience. The application displays a meter depicting the state of the system, which varies depending on the amount of errors found in your data. It is worth noting that the optimization process requires a reboot, so do not venture too far into the operation before saving any documents you may have open.

Restore the system settings and modify the scan options

Sometimes, you might bring modifications to your computer that might not work in the way you originally intended, leaving you unable to take full advantage of the operating system. For this type of situations, Registry Cleaner provides you with a restore function, which enables you to revert back to previous settings.

As far as the actual scanning procedure goes, you are allowed to change the items to be checked in the process by the application, by selecting the desired ones from the available category list. Hence, you can choose whether to scan the most recently used files, uninstall entries and the software paths found on your system.

In conclusion

Thanks to the fast scan times and the useful optimization options, Registry Cleaner is a handy utility to have around on your computer if you are having trouble getting the most out of your operating system. In addition, the included restore function can save you from a lot of headaches and successfully revert back to a previous set of settings.

Registry Cleaner was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on June 13th, 2015
Registry Cleaner - You can clean you registry and optimize its reading speed from the main window of the application.Registry Cleaner - The Scan-Options section enables you to choose the categories to be scanned during the procedure.Registry Cleaner - You can restore your system's settings to a previous point by accessing the Restore tab.Registry Cleaner

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