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Simple-to-handle program that aids you in scanning the Windows registry and cleaning all the issues detected, without affecting the PC's performance

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Argente - Registry Cleaner is a tool that detects and repairs any problems found in the Windows registry entries. It should be used on a regular basis in order to maintain the performance level of your system.

Types of analysis you can use

This software utility can contribute to the well-being of your computer if used properly. It identifies the most common registry problems and solves them, yet not without backing up the settings first.

Two analysis modes are available: the default one (checks for errors in all the areas of the registry) and the user-defined one (enables you to select which sections should make the object of the scan).

Select entries and remove them

As soon as the scan is finished, a list of results is displayed, allowing you to select the items to be cleaned. Each file can be repaired, added to an exclusion list, or opened in RegEdit. The repairing option does not take too long to complete, yet during this time, all your other opened processes may behave weird.

A few hiccups and backing up information

During our tests, we had to perform several analysis operations, since every new scan kept detecting another batch of errors. Repeating the scanning and repairing process took care of a few stubborn damaged files, but not everything.

Backups can be restored by simply hitting the “Undo” button. Old backups can be set to be deleted from the Configuration window, where you can also populate the exclusion list with files, folders or registry keys.

Bottom line

In conclusion, Argente - Registry Cleaner is a useful companion that you can rely on to perform registry maintenance every once in a while. If anything goes wrong, you can always undo the settings. The computer’s performance is not going to be hindered, and the response time is quite good. The interface is suitable to all types of users.

A portable edition is also available for download, dedicated to those interested in skipping the installation process, called Argente – Registry Cleaner Portable.

Argente - Registry Cleaner was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on March 3rd, 2015
Argente - Registry Cleaner - Argente - Registry Cleaner will help you clean and repair problems in your Windows registryArgente - Registry Cleaner - The Actions menu will provide users with Check / Uncheck all or Add to exclusion list optionsArgente - Registry Cleaner - Users will be able to access options such as ActiveX & COM, System applications or Sound notifications within the Registry Cleaner windowArgente - Registry Cleaner

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