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Useful piece of software which helps you find and repair registry keys, so that you can make Microsoft Flight Simulator X run again with a minimal amount of effort

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FSX Registry Utility is a compact application designed to help you repair the registry errors that prevent Flight Simulator X from running properly. The goal of the program is to avoid the need to reinstall the game by restoring the registry keys to the normal values.

Why to use this tool

Microsoft Flight Simulator X (also known as FSX) is one of the most popular games from the series and it is popular among flight simulation users. As the players often use custom made aircraft models that are added to the original configuration, the possibility of corrupting one of the essential registry entries is quite high.

Most aircraft model installers and other FSX utilities are reading the application's installation path from the Windows registry. If this entry is deleted you might not be able to use some of these tools or even the Flight Simulator.

The solution to this problem can be solved by restoring the registry entry or by reinstalling the application. If you have been using FSX for some time and have multiple add-ons, you might not be so eager to reinstall all of them.

Search and add new entries

This program provides you with a simple alternative and helps you create the registry entry within a few seconds. It features a two-tab interface that enables you to search for the current registry key and to create one that corresponds to the correct FSX folder.

If you want to reinstall the operating system and to avoid installing FSX with all the add-ons, you can copy it to another disk partition. However, this corrupts the registry and you need to edit their values or set the new path in order to use FSX.

FSX Registry Utility can open the Registry Editor and navigate to the key you need to modify with just one click. This can help you save time and avoid tampering with other registry components.

Bottom line

Overall, the FSX Registry Utility is a useful tool for individuals that have problems in running Flight Simulator X due to corrupt registry keys. And it comes with a detailed documentation that explains its features and functions for the novice users.

FSX Registry Utility was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on August 12th, 2014
FSX Registry Utility - The application allows you to detect the existing registry keys for the Flight Simulator X executable.FSX Registry Utility - You can use the Set Path tab to create the registry entries for the executable.

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