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Modern-looking application which enables you to easily scan for registry issues and fix them, as well as defragment your hard drive

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FixMyRegistry is a software tool whose purpose is to help individuals improve the way in which their computer functions, by fixing registry errors and defragmenting the HDD.

Easy-to-handle environment

The installation process runs seamlessly and it is over in a few seconds, while the interface you come by presents a modern and minimal design. It is built with several tabs, thus ensuring a quick navigation through all the available options.

As a result, it can be used by all user categories without encountering problems, from beginners to more experienced people. If by any chance, you do not know how to use a feature, you should know comprehensive Help contents are provided online.

Scan the computer, repair issues and defragment the registry

This software utility enables you to scan your computer for errors within all Windows registry sections, and you should know it is possible to choose exactly which items to analyze, such as obsolete apps, invalid help files and missing references.

Aside from that, you can analyze the fragmentation of your registry. Based on this information, FixMyRegistry is going to advise you is the defragmentation is actually necessary or not.

It is important to mention that the CPU and memory usage is moderate to high when both the aforementioned processes take place, which means that your system’s performance is going to be a bit affected. Moreover, it is a good idea not to run it alongside other demanding apps, as it might lead to problems.


Taking all of this into consideration, we can safely say FixMyRegistry is an efficient piece of software, dedicated to people interested in making their computer run better. The response time is quite good, the Help contents are extensive and the interface is suitable to all user types.

FixMyRegistry was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on March 14th, 2014
FixMyRegistry - This is the main window of FixMyRegistry where you will be able to select the registry sections you want to be scannedFixMyRegistry - This window shows you how the program will scan your system for registry errors by displaying a status barFixMyRegistry - You can use this option if you want to analyze your system or use the defragmentation utilityFixMyRegistry - FixMyRegistry will also offer you the possibility to exclude files and folders from the scan process and set a password

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