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Straightforward application that provides users with a simple means of scanning the Windows registry for errors and obsolete paths, and fixing them

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RegVac Registry Cleaner is an application that can help you improve the performance of your computer, by identifying obsolete and broken registry entries, and removing them.

Seamless installation and clear-cut GUI

You are required to go through a pretty smooth setup process, which does not pose any kind of issues, while the interface you come by is plain and simple. It comprises a navigation panel and a pane in which to display the selected information.

It becomes pretty clear that all types of users can easily find their way around it without encountering any kind of issues, including those with little or no previous experience with the IT world.

Perform a scan and create an exclusion list

You can get started by performing a “Scan and Clean” task on your Windows registry entries - known drivers, startup, fonts, and others, with just a click of the button.

Aside from that, it is possible to add items to an ignore list, print or restore them, as well as disable RegVac Registry Cleaner from automatically deleting Undo files that are older than a week.

Back up data and other available options

In addition, you can run Windows with its optimal settings (with the possibility of reverting changes), as well as make a backup on your Windows registry keys (just in case disaster strikes).

If you switch to “Expert Zone,” you can individually select a cleaner for classes, the stash, lists, software, bad links and junk. Plus, you can use an add/remove, “Open with” and auto-complete editor.

Furthermore, you can run a utility for system configuration, software cleanup, registry pack, monitor, as well as a registry backup and restore system.

A final evaluation

The program uses a low amount of system resources, includes a well-drawn Help file and it has been designed for both novices and experienced individuals. We have not encountered any major problems during our tests yet, as we have expected, RegVac Registry Cleaner is unable to fix all the registry errors. Moreover, it does not work on newer versions of Windows, such as 8 and 8.1.

RegVac Registry Cleaner was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on February 12th, 2015
RegVac Registry Cleaner - RegVac Registry Cleaner will provide users with a collection of tools cleans your Windows' registry like none otherRegVac Registry Cleaner - The Scan and Clean section of the application will offer a list of options like Classes / Stash CleanerRegVac Registry Cleaner - Users will be able to access options such as Classes / Stash / Lists / Software / Bad Link or Junk Cleaner from the Cleaners menuRegVac Registry Cleaner - screenshot #4RegVac Registry Cleaner - screenshot #5

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