Windows Registry File Viewer (formerly Registry Viewer)

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Bundled with a search feature, this program lets you view details regarding registry entries, as well as save them to a custom location using a REG extension

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Windows Registry File Viewer, formerly known as Registry Viewer, is a lightweight application that can browse the contents of a registry file. As the name clearly states, you can use this utility for loading a set of keys and viewing its structure.

Supported format and data it can display

You can use the program to load the registry data files that exported using the hive format. This format enables you to export a group of keys in order to back up the settings stored by some applications in the registry.

The viewer is able to display general and security information about each key and about the entire hive file. This is the main advantage of this tool when compared with the default registry editor included in Windows.

Look for items and save them to a REF file

The search function can quickly locate a keyword in the entry name or in the data contained by the key. The export tool allows you to save the registry dump or export a certain key from the registry in the REG format.

A few hiccups

Unfortunately, the program does not include any documentation for explaining some of its features. Although the interface is easy to understand and the program cannot make changes, the casual user should think twice before tinkering with the Windows registry without proper knowledge.

A last evaluation

Overall, the Windows Registry File Viewer can provide you with additional information about the files exported from the registry. If you only need to view certain registry keys and not change their values, it can be a useful tool, seeing it does not burden the computer’s performance and we did not encounter any hangs, freezes or bugs in our tests.

Windows Registry File Viewer (formerly Registry Viewer) was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on August 12th, 2014
Windows Registry File Viewer (formerly Registry Viewer) - Windows Registry File Viewer will provide users with a viewer for REGEDIT4 and REGEDIT5 files and local or remote registryWindows Registry File Viewer (formerly Registry Viewer) - The File menu will offer a list of options like Show registry files, Save dump or Export to REGEDIT4 formatWindows Registry File Viewer (formerly Registry Viewer) - Users will be able to access options such as Key / Security Information or Hash Records from the View menuWindows Registry File Viewer (formerly Registry Viewer) - screenshot #4Windows Registry File Viewer (formerly Registry Viewer) - screenshot #5Windows Registry File Viewer (formerly Registry Viewer) - screenshot #6

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