ASUS Turbo Key

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A handy and reliable tool produces by ASUS that aims to increase the performance of your computer by a restartless overclock operation

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ASUS Turbo Key is a very slick product developed by Asus itself that can boost the performance of your computer without you having to reboot your system.

It manages to do so by changing the association of the physical power button, forcing it into entering an overcloking process instead of the shutdown action it performs by default.

The product is aimed exclusively at owners of Asus motherboards and features its own detection engine in this regard, making installation impossible on a different system.

ASUS Turbo Key is regarded by many users as a quick and efficient solution to enhancing the performance of the computer, especially because of the fact that so little effort is required in order to obtain results so rapidly.

Although it accomplishes such a noble purpose, ASUS Turbo Key benefits from a simple and minimalistic design that allows you to immediately enable the power button association and carry on with the overclocking operation.

In order to assess the changes that are made by ASUS Turbo Key in real time, it’s recommended that you use a system info utility, such as CPU-Z that can help you monitor the performance boost in real time.

The parameters you need to keep tabs on are CPU speed and frequency; you should be expecting an improvement of about at least 50-100 MHz for both of them, which isn’t spectacular by any standard, but it’s an accomplishment nonetheless.

You won’t see any visible changes in your computer activity, but it could help your computer perform better during a game or the runtime of heavy computer program, for instance.

Although ASUS Turbo Key experienced some controversies throughout the years of its existence (arguments about it being helpful or not), the fact that you don’t need to make advanced changes in order to overclock the CPU is admirable.

ASUS Turbo Key was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on November 16th, 2013

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