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Quickly reduce the CPU and RAM usage of your system before running demanding tasks, like games, with the help of this software solution

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Demanding applications, such as games require every bit of processing power your system can offer, but sometimes unneeded background processes and services take up these resources needlessly.

AlacrityPC can help you get that last bit of performance out of your system by automatically stopping unneeded processes and services.

Start or stop processes and services based on user-configured profiles

Installing the application and understanding its use of is relatively easy. Even though it seems to be targeted at more advanced users, the interface itself is intuitive, if not as neat and elegant as that of other programs.

The software works by automatically applying user-created profiles. These profiles tell the application what processes to kill, services to stop and optimizations to perform when an user-specified program is run. You can also specify which programs should be executed before and after staring the specified application.

For example, you can configure AlacrityPC to monitor the system for the launch of game.exe and trigger the following chain of events: before launching the game, the application should stop the Windows print spooler service and kill the Internet browser process to free system resources. Then the program launches the game and, once it is running, start a screen capture or voice chat application. Once you exit the game, AlacrityPC automatically restarts stopped processes and services.

Extra optimizations

This piece of software also features several extra features that can help you further optimize your resource use. These can be found by accessing the Optimization tab and include a RAM defragmenter, the option to shutdown and restart the Windows Shell/Desktop, remove the desktop wallpaper or shutdown/restart the Windows Vista Sidebar.

In case you encounter any problems or errors while experimenting with your profiles, AlacrityPC also features a handy logger, that can help you figure out what went wrong.


This is a useful program for those who run resource-intensive applications or just like to squeeze the last bit of performance out of their system. It offers multiple features and options designed to automatically start and stop various processes and services when a program is run. Though its interface is intuitive, some options and features are not quite self-explanatory, so reading the manual before experimenting is recommended.

AlacrityPC was reviewed by Corneliu Paval
Last updated on March 7th, 2015
AlacrityPC - The main window of AlacrityPC features a context menu which enables users to easily open or edit optimization profiles.AlacrityPC - By accessing the Tools menu, users can toggle the auto-update feature of the application.AlacrityPC - Users can configure optimization profiles to inherit their properties from other, already created ones.AlacrityPCAlacrityPCAlacrityPCAlacrityPCAlacrityPC

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